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Meghan Speaks Out in Emotional Video

Duchess Meghan sat down to address the graduating class of her former high school in an emotional six-minute video.

Daily Mail Lashes Out at Meghan and Harry

The video arrived online just after the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were criticized for not saying anything about the Black Lives Matter movement. The Daily Mail (one of the papers owned by the media company being sued by the Sussexes) took them to task on June 3.

According to the Mail, Harry and Meghan should have directly addressed George Floyd’s death and the subsequent protests across the nation. According to their report, the Sussexes “haven’t used social media to directly address the demonstrations sweeping the U.S. – and stayed offline during Blackout Tuesday on their Sussex Royal Instagram page.”

Just a couple of small points here. One, the Sussexes haven’t used social media at all since March 30. That’s because the Royal Family forced them to shut down the Sussex Royal brand. And two, Harry and Meghan did stay offline on Blackout Tuesday. Because they haven’t used their Instagram account since March 30.

Meghan endured more than her fair share of racially fueled abuse during her time in England. Now that she and her husband are quietly living in Los Angeles, she has no obligation to offer her opinion. However, it turns out Meghan did speak about the situation in America.

Meghan Addresses Class of 2020

Meghan filmed a brief speech to the graduating class of Immaculate Heart High School.

Dressed in a casual white cardigan and top, with a simple pendant and a long, low ponytail, Meghan spoke from the heart. As birds chirped somewhere in the background, she talked about the current violence and riots. She also recalled growing up in Los Angeles during the riots following the death of Rodney King.

“What we have seen in our country, our state and in our hometown of LA has been absolutely devastating,’ Meghan began. ‘I wasn’t sure what I could say to you. I wanted to say the right thing and I was really nervous that I wouldn’t or it would get picked apart and I realized the only wrong thing to say is to say nothing because George Floyd’s life mattered,” Meghan said.

Meghan has been outspoken about her experience as a biracial woman, as both an actress and then as a Duchess. She recorded a video PSA about racism in 2012 and penned several essays about the topic for major magazines.

Watch her full speech below:

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