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Royal Roundup: Andrew DONE with Royal Family, Kate’s Latest Video, and More

Welcome to the Royal Fix! We’ve got some juicy little tidbits of gossip, but first, a public service announcement about tea.

A certain American TikToker posted a video about how to make “British Tea.” On behalf of US Royal watchers, I’d like to apologize to the UK. Microwaving half a mug of water, filling the rest with cold milk, and throwing in a tea bag is an insult to the proud tradition of tea in Great Britain.

For our American readers, here’s a quick tip: Boil water in a kettle (electric works great), pour it over a teabag in your favorite mug, and let it steep for a couple of minutes. Then–and only then–add a splash of milk.

Make yourself a cup of real British tea and enjoy the latest updates from the Royal Family!

Andrew Reportedly Never Returning to Public Life

There are some things that photo ops with your mom outside a church just can’t fix. Prince Andrew is finding that out the hard way, as he reportedly will not be returning to life as a Working Royal.

Following the initial scandal over his friendship with Jeffrey Epstein and his alleged trafficking of an underage American teenager, Andrew stepped back from his role as a representative of the Crown. Since then, further allegations, lawsuits, and financial scandals have kept his name in the papers.

According to reports from Buckingham Palace insiders, Elizabeth has finally admitted that Andrew’s image cannot be rehabilitated.

Report: Gossip Journalist Paid Thousands to Will & Kate’s Staffer for Dirt on Sussexes

Dan Wootton is a journalist who works the Royal beat for The Sun. He was also the first person to break the news that Harry and Meghan might be leaving the family. Now a report from Byline Investigates alleges that Wootten got that information through an ethically grey channel.

Wootten allegedly paid about $5000 to Callum Stevens for insider information about Harry and Meghan. Stevens just happens to be the partner of Christian Jones–Harry and Meghan’s former press secretary, who is now employed by William and Kate.

The Sun’s exclusive on “Megxit” reportedly forced Harry and Meghan to leave much earlier than they planned. If Byline Investigates connected the dots correctly, it would be interesting to hear what William and Kate have to say about the leak from their camp.

Kate Gives Charming Update on Her Photography Contest

The Duchess of Cambridge is cosponsoring a photography contest with the National Portrait Gallery during lockdown. It’s not too late to submit your entry! The contest will be accepting entries through Thursday, June 18th, at 6 pm GMT.

To continue promoting the contest, Kate showed off a few of her personal favorite photographs. You can absolutely get a sense of how she is with her kids when they bring her their artwork.

We’ve said it before, and we’ll keep saying it: The Cambridges are doing better with video and Zoom calls from home than their previous in-person Royal engagements. They’re so much more relaxed and natural in these videos.

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