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What Have the Royals Been Up to Lately?

We all know why you’re here. You need your royal fix. Here’s the latest royal gossip, including timely casting news for The Crown and the Cambridges’ trip to… a tube station?

Dominic West Might Play Prince Charles

So if you’re looking for a main actor in your ensemble drama based on real-life people, how do you approach the casting? Do you look for someone who embodies the real person’s energy, or their appearance? Or do you try to find an actor whose personal life mimics that of the person you want them to play?

Well, if you’re the casting director for The Crown, you go for the “life imitates art” route. Dominic West is strongly rumored to be playing the final incarnation of Prince Charles in seasons 5 & 6 of the series. Ironically–or perhaps intentionally–the news dropped in the midst of West’s public cheating scandal.

He was photographed canoodling (the best word ever) with his much-younger costar Lily James. Despite a photo op with his wife and denials all around, the rumors won’t die down. Charles, of course, famously cheated on Diana. Perhaps West was just trying a method acting approach for the role?

In another twist to this already twisty story, Lily James was formerly in a long-term relationship with Matt Smith, who played Prince Philip in the first season of the show. It’s rumored that Smith left James for a fling with his costar Claire Foy.

New Book Claims that Harry and Meghan Were Pushed Out for Being too Popular

The gossip from old-school royal biographer Robert Lacey’s book Battle of Brothers: William and Harry – The Inside Story of a Family in Tumult is almost too good. The excerpts from the book proved that it wasn’t going to be a pro-Cambridge rebuttal to the Sussex bio Finding Freedom.

Instead, Lacey cast some serious shade on Kate–all but calling her a stalker during her uni days–and described William’s frequent bursts of uncontrolled anger.

In an interview to promote the book, Lacey claimed that Meghan pushed Harry out of the royal family–but not for the reason you might think. Instead, she showed him that it would be possible to become more than just the “spare” to William’s “heir.”

He also alleges that they were pushed out of the family because the Sussexes were pulling focus from William and Kate.

William and Kate ‘Hold Still’ at a Tube Station

Speaking of the Cambridges, they took a trip to Waterloo Station in London for an event promoting her “Hold Still” photography contest. They visited the tube station in London to view the photos there, which are part of a nationwide display of the winning images.

If you can’t make it to London, don’t worry–the images are also available to view for free from the National Portrait Gallery.

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